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Quantum Hydration

September 19, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm



How would you like to learn how to have

  • Less inflammation, brain fog?
  • More Energy, Beauty, Flow, Resilience?
  • Feel healthier, more vital and possibly reverse/prevent chronic dis-ease ?
  • For the Quantum Geeks:
    • Increase your redox potential, Zeta Potential, Mitochondrial health?

All this is possible with Improving your Quantum Hydration

This workshop will teach you how to be an optimal "quantum hydrator".  In simpler terms, that involves using the right light, drinking water, food, and movement to keep your body hydrated.  So, it is only about the water you drink (but that is still important and will be covered) but also the metabolic water you make.

To do this we need to learn more about:

  1. The Water We Drink
  2. The Water We Make
  3. Our Body Water As A Liquid Crystal  (EZ)
  4. Our Body's Water-Fascial Super Communication Highway

If we focus on the intersection of light, water, and the body's connective tissue, we can see how our network of fascia uses Exclusion Zone (EZ) water to communicate inside cells, between cells, and around the entire body. Understanding how important this Exclusion Zone (EZ) water (aka metabolic/4th phase/structured water) is for communication and redox signaling - you will truly understand that without "minding your EZ", your health will suffer.

Bottom LIne: This workshop will clarify why we need to focus both on optimizing that metabolic Exclusion Zone (EZ) water that our cells make and drinking the right water.


1.The Water We Drink

  • How to make The Perfect Glass of Water
    • Water Sources
    • Water Filtering
    • Mineralization
    • Structuring & Vortexing
    • Water Consciousness

2.The Water We Make

  • How to Build, Expand, Constrict & Destroy EZ Water
  • How to optimize Quantum Hydration beyond drinking water
  • How to Optimize EZ Water as your Battery

3.Our Body Water As A Liquid Crystal  (EZ)

4.Our Body's Water-Fascial Super Communication Highway

  • How to optimize it and avoid breakdown of this connective tissue collagen signaling system

5.Benefits & Risks of Taking These Specialized Waters:

1.Molecular Hydrogen

2.Deuterium Depleted Water

3.Alkaline Water

4.Redox Signaling Molecules

  • You don’t want to miss this enlightening & empowering workshop to improve your health!

-Q&A will follow the live webinar

- $50 CAD.  Canadians - Etranfer to laurakissmann@protonmail.com to register. International - I will send you a Paypal invoice.

- Join me LIVE on Tuesday, September 19th at 6PM EST. If there is enough interest to do this in person, I will host it at Laura Kissmann Wellness and follow up with Video recording for those that cant make it (or teach live on Zoom 20 Sep as well)


- FYI: the webinar is FREE for my current Full Bloom & Blossom package clients.

Note: This workshop is for you if you just want to feel more vital or have any chronic health conditions including these symptoms:

    • No energy
    • Waking up tired
    • Mind fog
    • Joint stiffness

This workshop is dedicated to those suffering in Lahaina, Maui as this picture I picked long ago for this workshop (synchronicity?) was taken just south of Lahaina in January 2020

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Laura Kissmann Wellness
613 257-5522
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Laura Kissmann Wellness
122 Catherine Ave
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