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EMF Masterclass Series

October 5, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - October 26, 2023 @ 9:00 pm



Series Goal: To inspire you to learn, test, mitigate, survive & thrive in our blue lit, non-native EMF world of 2023.  It includes 4 parts further detailed below.

  1. EMF Basics
  2. EMF Health Risks
  3. EMF Mitigation
  4. Building EMF Resiliency

Here it is broken down into each Workshop:

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) are the elephant in the room of 2023.  We all want to ignore the potential harms of electropollution but that is not a wise idea for your health. This workshop will explain why including the newer understanding of the body – the biophysical health perspective.  It will empower you with tools & awareness to be able to advocate for safer/healthier environments for your family (including pets). PS Mother Earth - this one is for you!


  1. Explain and demonstrate all the forms of electropollution
  2. Explain why and how does it impact our quantum biology?
  3. Explain how and to what extent non-native EMFs can be harmful
  4. Inspire you to mitigate nnEMFs in your environment
  5. Provide priority mitigation strategies to reduce the impact of electropollution on our quantum biology
  6. Provide helpful resources: Educational Web Sites


  • Threat Risk Assessment Model
  • The EMF Spectrum
  • The 4 main nnEMF Fields:
    • Electric Fields
    • Dirty Electricity
    • Magnetic Fields
    • Radio frequency - Wireless and their sources (incl 1 to 5G)

This workshop expands on EMF Basics and delves into the health risks to not only humanity but to flora and fauna of planet Earth.


  1. Further explain why and how do nnEMFs impact our quantum biology
  2. Inspire you to mitigate nnEMFs in your environment


  • Explain how and to what extent non-native EMFs can be harmful to children, teenagers, pregnant women, elderly, bees, other insects, the soil and the climate
  • Provide helpful resources: Studies on EMF Health Risks
  • Conclusion: Resources, Summary, Final Thoughts, Takeaways
  • Q&A


“Mother Nature is teaching us what karma is when we use parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, she told us not to use” Dr Jack Kruse, Neurosurgeon


This EMF Mitigation Workshop is designed to empower you to learn all the mitigation strategies available to reduce the impact of electropollution on your quantum biology.  I consider reducing our nnEMF load (mitigating) is a form of self-love.  Learning and sharing this knowledge with family and friends is showing up for them and is now imperative with the soup of EMF we live in 2023.  I will share key insights I have gained from my EMF Home Inspection experience and my ongoing training with some of the top international EMF Mitigators.  All this with the aim to simplify the subject and leave you with actionable steps.   And we will do this in a remediated home with live demonstration with meters.

GOALS:  To teach you what steps you should take to protect yourself and your families. The aim is to take a “journey of non-native EMF hygiene” to help you learn how to:

  1. Test your Environment and know What to Expect with an EMF Home Inspection
  2. Reduce the impact of Electropollution in your Environment including De-stressing your Bedroom and make your Office a smarter place to work by detecting and measuring Electromagnetic Fields
  3. Determine what the priority Quick Action Steps are
  4. Provide guidance on Protective Shields and Devices
  5. Provide guidelines for Safer Cell Phone Use
  6. Provide tips for Children, Teens and Pregnant Women
  7. Provide helpful resources:
    1. Suppliers of EMF Safety Products
    2. EMF Consultants & Remediation Experts


  1. Risk Mitigation

Inside the Home:

  • High Frequency (HF):
    • Electric Fields (including Body Voltage)
    • Dirty Electricity (EMI) – Electromagnetic Interference
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Radio frequency (RF) Wireless and their sources
    • 5G (if time and desire)

Outside the Home:

  • RF
  • HF Electric/Magnetic
  • Stray Current
  1. Conclusion: Resources, Summary, Final Thoughts, Takeaways
  2. Q&A

This is a unique workshop using quantum health strategies and circadian biology to help you survive in the sea of EMFs we now live in.  This is the hope piece; the aspect I am most passionate about sharing.  It contains the tools and robust habits needed to help you survive in today’s blue lit, microwaved non-native EMF world – as healthy as you can.  These nnEMFs are exponentially increasing in our environment.  4G/LTE & 5G are ever expanding and 6G is on the horizon. Start building your resiliency to it today!  Let me show you how.


  1. Minimize the biological toll of nnEMFs
  2. Lessen your chances of being Electro hypersensitive (EHS)
  3. How can we make ourselves more resilient to electropollution.
  4. Become more Resilient to stressors overall
  5. Awaken you to the Matrix
  6. Awaken your ancestral wisdom and rewild your life through enlightened choices in tune with nature
  7. Inspire you to become a Mitochondriac and increase your redox potential, Zeta Potential, mitochondrial health, EZ water and internal VUV light (don’t worry all will be explained!)
  8. Explain benefits and potential drawbacks of Harmonizing Technologies


  1. Defining Stress Resiliency:
    • A Homeopathic Perspective
    • A Redox Perspective
      • One Disease: Redox Imbalance
    • The Quantum Biology Perspective:
      • Coherence vs Incoherence, Heteroplasmy, Circadian Rhythm, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, EZ Water
  1. Awakening to the Matrix/Reality
    • Survival of the Wisest
    • The Urgency: EMFs & Viruses
    • Red Pills
  1. Recommendations (Quantum Tips to Foster Resiliency):
    • Dietary
    • Supplements
    • Lifestyle
  1. Conclusion: Resources, Summary, Final Thoughts, Takeaways
  2. Q&A



October 5, 2023 @ 6:00 pm
October 26, 2023 @ 9:00 pm
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Lesley Cochran-Hulcoop
613 2569373


403 Bennies Corners Rd Almonte, ON K0A 1A0 CA
403 Bennies Corners Rd
Almonte, ON, Ontario K0A 1A0 Canada
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613 2569373