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Quantum Health Power Series Weekly June 1st-29th 2023

June 1, 2023 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


The invitation:

"I am excited to invite you to a Quantum Health Power workshop Series with Laura Kissmann every Thursday evening in June from 6:30 to 9:30 pm starting June 1st.

The goal is to teach you how to restore and optimize your health using nature's free gifts!

You can choose to book individual classes of interest or the whole series of 5 classes for $250.

The first class, Quantum Biology 101, is in-person and will kick off on Thursday, June 1st at my home 403 Bennies Corners Rd (Almonte, Ontario) so we can all meet!

The next three classes will be held on Zoom and the last class on Quantum Nutrition will also be held in Almonte with a special potluck dinner on June 29th.

As possibly Canada’s first Quantum Holistic Nutritionist, Laura is on a mission to share how this cutting-edge approach of optimizing healthy light, water and magnetically connecting to our earth can transform one’s health through the tiniest quantum nature of electrons, protons and photons.

Her business, Laura Kissmann Wellness includes:
• Coaching clients on Quantum Nutrition
• Testing homes for electropollution
• Teaching workshops
• Offering Access Consciousness Bars Sessions, Red Light Therapy, Sauna Therapy, and Relaxation Massage Therapy

Please contact me (Lesley) to book or get further information. Advance payment is required and can be sent to innerrevelations@gmail.com or arrangements can be made for cash payment.

The in-person classes will be held at my home at 403 Bennies Corners Rd., outside Almonte.

Please note that all classes include handouts and that recordings will be provided for missed classes.

I am really excited to have Laura come to share her wisdom on Quantum Health and to present these cutting-edge classes that took her over a year to build!

We are offering this series at an introductory price - it is jam packed invaluable insights.

I hope you can join Laura and I for this amazing Quantum Health series that starts in just two weeks!

With Love & Gratitude,
(613) 256-9373

PS Rebels Compass interviewed me today on this - You Tube link to follow

The Quantum Health Series:

Thursday, June 1st from 6:30 to 9:30 pm

 Location:  403 Bennies Corners Rd., Almonte

 Class Fee:  $60

This is an introductory workshop on how to use the innate wisdom of nature - Quantum Biology – to bring you foundational health. It will change how you look at health and dis-ease forever. It will also lay the foundation for my future quantum health workshops to come: The Sunlight Protocol, Optimizing Sleep, Quantum Nutrition, EMF Mitigation, Quantum Hydration, Healing Leaky Gut, Improving Cancer Outcomes, Cold Therapy and more. Let me teach you how to restore and optimize your health using nature’s free gifts.

Take Aways:

  • Quantum Biology and why it could be the Missing Piece in your Health Puzzle
  • What is a Mitochondriac and how does it contribute to health
  • Learn how you can use Quantum Biology to Improve your Health
  • The role of the Quantum Health Coach and the Quantum Biology Collective
  • Learn about Chronobiology, "The Environment" and our Masterclock
  • Gain an Understanding of how you use Quantum Biology to improve Mitochondrial Health
  • Experience Laura's Quantum Health Success Story!


Thursday, June 8th - 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm - Zoom Class

 Class Fee:  $50

This workshop will teach you how to replete your light deficiency for foundational health.  It explains why we are all light deficient in our modern world.  It provides the basic 4-step Primal Pioneer sunlight protocol for quantum health using the solar spectrum to heal, prevent or augment your health.  It goes beyond this protocol - drawing on more light pioneers and their successes. It will empower you with this natural, free and safe helio-therapy tool (when done right) - using the interaction of wavelengths with your skin and eyes.  You don’t want to miss this powerful, fun workshop!

Take Aways:

  • Quantum Biology Review - Mitochondria, Keys to Circadian Medicine, Chronobiology, Suprachiasmatic Nucleus
  • The Science - Studies, Historical Perspective (The Pioneers, Heliotherapy), Solar Spectrum, Wavelengths
  • The Protocol – The Light Diet, The Sunlight Rx
  • The Nuances – Sun blockers (sunglasses, sunscreen), Sunlight, Skin Cancer, Tan through Beachwear to get Vit D


Thursday, June 15th - 6:30 to 9:30 pm - Zoom Class

Class Fee:  $50

If you are suffering any health condition including sleep issues, anxiety, depression, insulin resistance, weight issues, cancer, autoimmune dis-ease or hormonal issues, this workshop will provide you a key piece to your healing journey.  It will teach you how to use Quantum Health strategies and circadian biology to optimize sleep/detoxification/renewal for foundational health which is a necessity in 2023 with more man-made toxins in our environment.  You will learn about the benefits and risks of blue light through a very special story painted through the workshop. You don’t want to miss this elegant and enlightening workshop!


Take Aways:

  • The Science - Studies, Solar Spectrum, Wavelengths
  • Beneficial Sleep Protocol – The Blue Light Diet, Sunlight Rx & Lighting Choices
  • Gain an understanding of the “The True Power of Light”
  • Learn about 21 Effects of Blue Light Toxicity & How Blue Light affects Redox Potential
  • Go away with a better understanding of the human body’s relationship with multiple light spectrums
  • Learn how to create a balanced Light Exposure Protocol in your life
  • Become Aware of how Blue Light can affect Human Circadian Cycle and Sleep

Thursday, June 22nd - 6:30 to 9:30 pm - Zoom Class

Class Fee:  $50     

Quantum Sleep Workshop - If you are sleep deprived, sleeping excessively or just want to optimize your deep and REM sleep cycles for optimal health, this workshop will teach you how to use Quantum Health strategies, circadian biology and Holistic practices to optimize sleep for foundational health.  Optimal sleep = optimal detoxification (through autophagy) which is a must in 2023 with unfortunate toxins in our environment.

Beyond blocking Artificial Light at Night (ALAN), this workshop will provide additional Quantum Health & Holistic tips to ensure you sleep like a baby again.  It will include recommendations on diet, supplements (like melatonin) and lifestyle for health-promoting sleep. Some of these tips are novel and based on recent research.



  • Optimizing Sleep (Blue Light Diet & Sunlight Protocol)
  • Background on Sleep - How Bad is our Sleep? Sleep Chronotypes, Stages & Ayurvedic Seasons, Sleep Catchup Myth
  • Learn about Sleep Hygiene and the Role of Breathing, Position, the Role of Light, Sound, Temperature, & Exercise
  • Dietary Recommendations for Sleep and a Discussion of Blood Sugar, Leptin Resistance, Timing of Meals, Herbal Remedies & Foods to Avoid and Enjoy
  • Learn about Supplements & Tools to Support Sleep

Thursday, June 29th - 5:00 - 9:30 pm
Location:  403 Bennies Corners Rd., Almonte
Class Fee:  $60 - Potluck Dinner from 5:00 to 6:30 pm

This is a unique workshop using quantum health strategies and circadian biology to help you design a nutritional diet for foundational health.  It is based on what your cell’s power plants, called mitochondria, (the true light workers!) actually prefer as opposed to the dietary dogma we are marketed today. Prepare to embrace the biophysical (quantum) nature of your existence, awaken your ancestral wisdom and rewild your life by simply learning some key principles. By the end, you will know what, why and when to eat for your best health.  You don’t want to miss this refreshing perspective on fueling your body and the potluck dinner to close off the series!


Take Aways:

  • Review Quantum/Circadian Principles, Mitochondria 101, Quantum Tunneling, Redox Potential, EZ Water, Light vs Food Recommendations
  • Learn about Leptin
  • Discuss Considerations in Food Choices:  Local Eating, Seasonal Eating, DHA, Organic Food, Deuterium, Glyphosate, Nutrient Dense Food
  • Further Considerations:  Hydration, Microwaving, JERF, Cholesterol & Sulfates
  • The Role of Lifestyle & Mindset
  • Supplementation and Food




Laura Kissmann is passionate about helping people be their healthiest with Quantum Biology.  As Canada’s first Quantum Holistic Nutritionist, Laura is on a mission to share how this cutting-edge approach of optimizing healthy light, water and connecting to our earth can transform one’s health through the tiniest quantum nature of electrons, protons and photons.  She is the proud owner of Laura Kissmann Wellness where she coaches clients (live and virtual), tests homes for electropollution, teaches workshops, and in her private Wellness Studio, offers Red Light Therapy, Sauna Therapy, Relaxation Massage Therapy and Access Consciousness Bars sessions - all designed to empower one’s inner doctor.





June 1, 2023
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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