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Improving Cancer Outcomes with Quantum Biology

November 21 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Research is teaching us more and more about cancer:

  • Cancer cells appear to have lost their identity due to poor redox signaling. 
  • Cancer cells have less Exclusion Zone (EZ) water inside of them than normal cells.
  • Other research as shown that when you change the voltage gradient across a cell membrane, you can change genetic expression, therefore cell identity. Because EZ water is a liquid crystal and all liquid crystals are antennae for electromagnetic fields (EMF) – a few questions arise. 
    • Is cancer simply a loss of EZ, disrupting a key electrical gradient which triggers a disconnect to the morphogenic EMF that gives a cell its identity? 
    • Is it a sign of disrupted Circadian Rhythm that causes mitochondrial dysfunction, poor redox function, poor detoxification and eventually causes this loss of cell identity? 
  • Cancer also appears to be a downstream effect of when tissue with low redox state in local mitochondria become unable to create VUV-IR-A light (120-240nm wavelength).  Then tissue cells lose the ability to undergo mitosis and this allows the cell to become mobile and roam the body until they find the UV light signal they look for in their environment.     Once they find it, they stop moving and begin to re-enter the cell cycle and grow again (abnormal growth = Cancer).  Put another way by Dr Jack Kruse “modern metastasis happens in humans because they no longer can make internal UV light from their melanin semiconductors.  When the light signal is lost, mitosis stops and the cancerous cell can migrate to another tissue where the UV stimulus is present.  That is what cancer really is at its core.  It is cells looking for UV light.”

If these concepts are new to you, you are not alone.  They are new to science and include some recent Nobel prize winning research.  This workshop is intended to help you understand them and empower you with some simple Quantum Health strategies to support your health (or that of a loved one) through a Cancer Journey or to prevent one at all!


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